Who this book talks to

At some stage we all search. Try out different opinions, sample different lives. When we are young. Then we grow up. Acquire responsibilities. Stop looking.

If you remember the searching, perhaps sometimes still feel restless, a bit like you’re playing along with what’s expected and there is another you hidden away, that’s the real you…

If just sometime you’d like to shock people, let rip and indulge yourself, surprise yourself…

Perhaps not. But you may have wondered about porn: it’s morality, politics, effects, the business of it.

And probably at some time everyone has wondered about the potential clash between love and… everything. The bond between parent and child is the most enduring, overriding love. It can cause blindness and it can trigger any kind of protective violence.

But does it have limits? Can it be love – and wrong?

You can sample it all here in the comfort of your personal safety.

The story

This is the story of a man who kept looking. Remade his life, over and other. Irresponsible, according to some of those close to him. Immoral, according to many. Poet, entrepreneur, hippy-come-too-late, Vietnam vet, failed parent, activist. Pornographer

He’s lived his life as a statement, an assertion of his right to be different.

Well, that’s the story he would like to tell. Only something happens. And this is a different story.

He’s accused of going beyond legal consenting adult porn to child pornography. From risqué plausibility to the depths of contemptible.

The framing of the charge is laughable, but there’s a moral rights campaigner promoting a more comfortably definitive world view and a political agenda that make him a convenient scapegoat. Public sympathy is hard to find.

He’s ignoring it though, focusing on the issues his two children are facing. Indifferent, it seems to his own danger.

Suddenly, everything changes again.

Then things get much worse. And he becomes a person he never thought he was, in a life he never looked for. He discovers an unpopular fact, that redemption has its limits.