Tagslew is the translation of a desire to touch and embrace, to be open to love, into hitting and even killing.

Its most obvious appearance here is in the story of Sid, who is homosexual. Distaste at homosexuality is a personal matter, best served by avoidance. But some people who are vocal haters of homosexuality seek out homosexuals for the purpose of beating them.

The essence is touch. They are seeking an excuse to touch a homosexual. Deeply they fear and refuse what they know, that they might be attracted. Violence is the only way they can excuse their need for physical contact.  Gay bashing is a sexual act that expresses suppressed homosexuality.

Tagslew can also occur within relationships, when someone does not know how to express their love physically or finds their physical expressions thwarted. Violence is their perverted way of expressing love and making a connection. You can see this is Nameoko’s childhood, where she incites violence against herself  so she can experience touch, even in the form of blows.

Tagslew is another word I coined for a compromised emotion that the Germans somehow missed.

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