Novels by Michael Woodhouse are about people and lives that are strangely made, probably not like yours, not even wholly nice.  Not your formula good-people-challenged, confront-dark-secrets, pull-through-and-are-redeemed parables.

Many of them are beyond just flawed. Most of the people in Toxic People, Gathering, for example, are very not-nice; individual epicentres of emotional violence so self-absorbed they wouldn’t care even if they were bringing the world to an end. They’re more slash and burn. Redemption is not on their horizon.

His novels break out with diverse people and viewpoints which challenge accepted perceptions and values.

The situations are gritty and real. The plots are as quirky as the characters.

Proceed if you want a voyeur view of other ways of seeing and being. Stop if you want a warm glow of confirmation for a wholesome world view. Or if you don’t like to think about such issues.